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Introducing an innovative careers exploration online platform that supports Careers Guidance Programmes in Schools.

Launchyourcareer is designed to help your students launch their future career,

giving you the tools to help them navigate to the next step on their journey.


Launchyourcareer considers your need to report and review your student’s progress, making it easy to keep all the student data, securely in one place to access whenever you need to.

The Career Advisor Dashboard gives you access to all of your student’s profiles right at your fingertips. You can set tasks, filter results, view their pathway and choices, view their spirit animal and personality type and record their encounters.

Launchyourcareer Dashboard

The registration process.



Register your school to gain access to the dashboard.


Student ID

When your students register on they will be issued with a unique ID for you to identify them with.



For security and data protection purposes we need to know who you are to unlock all the great features of the dashboard.


Authentication Process

Provide your Principal’s details and we will email them to verify your position in the school.


Authentication Accepted

The Principal accepts the authentication and all the features are released.



You will be able to identify your students by name, edit their individual dashboards and enjoy the full use of the platform.

Teacher's Toolkit.

Along the journey that you are about to embark on with your students, we offer support to help you on your way!

We understand the need to embed a stable and considered programme, where the student is in control, and you are there to guide them and that’s why we offer extra content and tools to help you deliver great career guidance!

Once you register, you will be able to access content displayed on your dashboard as well as ‘How To’ videos and Lesson plans.

Don't take our word for it...


The very FIRST of its kind, VICTAR is our Virtual, Interactive, Careers Training and Apprenticeship Robot that enhances the Launchyourcareer platform using Virtual Reality.

Victar is available on subscription for your school and is a brilliant tool to reach your young audience and inspire their search for the right career giving them a chance to experience careers guidance that’s simply out of this world!.

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