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Introducing a pioneering and innovative VR and online experience that supports educators to deliver an engaging & personalized careers guidance program, preparing students of today, on their journey to tomorrow.

With technology advancements driving the quest for more immersive experiences, greater connections and meaningful and personalized encounters, it’s time to embrace career discovery in a new dimension and start the journey today!

LaunchYourCareer VR

At LaunchYourCareer we have taken the leap into advancing career guidance and revolutionizing the delivery for educators, making it more relatable and relevant for students by engaging them in exciting technology. 

Available to all schools in VIRTUAL REALITY our experience takes young people on a journey of discovery using gamification, and our Virtual Interactive Career Training & Apprenticeship Robot (VICTAR) to show you around! 

Increasing student engagement with the subject of careers, and helping them understand the importance of that pathway in line with their learning and academic journey, can support them to make better choices for their future. 


Career Discovery can still take place outside of the Virtual Reality experience. Students can start the process online by taking our Personality Quiz and creating an online profile. They can sign in from multiple devices, meaning their discovery can continue at home, with family and friends or in the classroom.  

Schools can use LaunchYourCareer.com as a gateway to access valuable student data and their individual profiles. Through the educator dashboard, you can communicate directly with students, track progress, set tasks, access their destination data, and filter and report the student database.


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Features & Benefits

There are so many great things to tell you about, but here are just a few!

Virtual Reality

LaunchYourCareer VR inspires & engages students taking their first step into career discovery. This innovative platform is the world’s first career search experience in VR.

Personal Profile

At LaunchYourCareer.com students can build a personal student career profile. Schools can access this profile and connect via their ‘educator’ dashboard to monitor, measure and mentor.

Measuring the Journey

With schools able to access student profiles viewing their choices, intended study pathways & valuable destination data. They are able to filter the information for reporting, analysis and future guidance.

Personalized & Individual

LaunchYourCareer doesn't bombard students with multiple careers to confuse them, we guide them through their options, and profile the students using neuro linguistic programing blended with personality theory, to create personalized pathways for them.

Evolves with Students

Can be used to support transitional periods in a student’s education to focus, re-establish or confirm the next steps. Supports their classroom learning with a clear journey mapped out, highlighting subjects and pathways that are important for their future.

Supporting Educators

Dedicate time to personal guidance and 1-2-1 mentoring. We provide a focused foundation and insight into each student’s profile, highlighting areas for support, enhancement & future requirements.

Career discovery in another dimension

The world’s first career discovery in virtual reality, designed to engage students around the subject of careers and motivate them to start their career journey.

The education system is at a time of change, traditional career discovery does not ignite a desire to understand the bearing that education and future pathways and choices could have on a student’s career. The rise of STEM and the need to prepare our students for success in the future world of work, requires a new and innovative approach that extends beyond a careers lesson and really immerses the student and puts them at the forefront.

Our experience is personal to each student, cleverly profiling their personality, understanding the way in which they think and the bearing their personality has on the choices they make. Enriching educators with a deeper understanding of each student, providing opportunities to extend their discovery and prospects for their future.

LaunchYourCareer VR

Its more than a personality quiz.

We know there are lots of ‘career based quizzes’ out there for students to be matched with suggestions for their career. Some of them are really great and others do not really scratch the surface and can be misleading and confusing for students when they begin their search. At Launch Your Career, we are committed to developing our products to extend and enhance the core career journey. We learn from educators, careers leads, and students as well as enlisting David Hodgson – writer, public speaker, careers adviser and creator of the ‘Buzz’ quiz currently used by UCAS, to develop his theory specifically for Launch Your Career.


Working with our clients and partners, striving to evolve and grow with their contributions. Providing a platform that adds value and inspiration to all students and schools.

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