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Understanding your students

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Launch Your Career is an innovative, engaging, and immersive careers search and discovery experience for students, available to schools using Virtual Reality and available online, to revolutionise the delivery of careers guidance.

Designed with both the student and the careers advisor in mind, building a careers profile that is personal to each student and sharing that profile with Schools to develop and tailor their career’s guidance to each individual needs, desires, and dreams. ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL.

Every Student
All Abilities
All Ages

We are passionate about giving young people ‘wings’ and the tools they need to develop and grow, with a focus on where they would like to be in the future. They know that these decisions are coming but they do not believe they have a bearing on their learning, or are relevant to them right now.

Having a clear path and an end goal can motivate students to make better choices, work harder, and really care about what route to take next. Launch Your Career benefits all students equally, in VR or online. Career discovery is for all ages and all abilities and Virtual Reality can really open up reserved, disengaged or confused students, developing skills they need to be successful amongst their peers.

Measure their Success

Multiple Devices

Careers Search and Discovery available online on desktop, mobile or tablet, as well as in VR.

Syncs All Data

Syncs all VR and online data into an educator dashboard available to unlock for all schools and access student career profiles.

Student Profile

Records destination data, and ability for students and educators to update profiles as the journey continues.

Remote Learning

Allows career discovery and search to continue at home, with family and friends OR in the Classroom.


Educators and Students can communicate through the dashboards to set and complete tasks, log or track encounters and more.

Connecting Courses

Connects students to pathways of study including courses and apprenticeships, and course providers in their area.

The Student Journey

The VR experience immerses students on a 360° gamified journey, discovering and understanding their personality and spirit animal. They will be presented with live LMI data, and career focused video content, as well as a career. Students will be required to register to save their profile and preferences and results.

Once the VR experience ends, educators can activate their analytics dashboard to access the student profiles and extend the career journey, tailoring their guidance to the student’s chosen career, personality type and more!

Career focused video

Students can access video content focused around the career or pathway that they are interested in. This content is with REAL people, in REAL scenarios and can give an insight into the career or sector.

We also offer content around pathways of study too, so students are presented with interviews with people on college courses, or apprenticeships, giving them insight into the route of study that works for them!



A career search and discovery experience engaging students on a career journey with advancing technology.

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Part of our analytics data available to unlock online at launchyourcareer.com

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Student Dashboard

Students can access launchyourcareer.com and start creating their career profile

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The gateway to our revolutionary career search and discovery experience, combining student journeys with valuable career profiling for educators.

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It is more than a Personality Quiz!

We know there are lots of ‘career based quizzes’ out there for students to be matched with suggestions for their career. Some of them are really great, and others do not really scratch the surface and can be misleading and confusing for students when they begin their search.

At Launch Your Career we are committed to developing our products to extend and enhance the core career journey. We learn from educators, career’s leads, and students as well as enlisting David Hodgson – writer, public speaker, careers adviser and creator of the ‘Buzz’ quiz currently used by UCAS, to develop his theory specifically for Launch Your Career.

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