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Welcome to The National Careers Challenge!

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Our personality animal quiz gets to the heart of your strengths and what they mean for your future. Interested?

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The working world has changed but The National Careers Challenge is here to help you get engaged with your future possibilities. We’ve teamed up with some exciting brands and businesses to set a series of skills-building, immersive challenges, which you’ll be able to complete virtually!

The challenges will mirror real working-world scenarios and will help enhance your existing skills, whilst teaching completely new ones and you can do it all as part of a team!

A career service designed with you in mind.

We all work differently, just as we all have different personalities. Launch Your Career is here to help you discover your personal working style, so you can apply it to finding your future career.

Finding out more about yourself and the ways you work will help you with The National Careers Challenge. Not only will it teach you your ideal role in a group, but it will help identify which skills you might want to work on in the future.

What kind of team player are you?

The first step in getting started is taking our personality animal quiz. With the quiz, we can find out all about your behaviours and working style. We get to the heart of your skills and strengths and help you match them to a future you can get excited about!

But it’s more than just a personality quiz. We match you with your personality animal by finding out more about the ways you work and relate to others. It’ll also tell you about famous people with similar personality types and careers that might suit your style and preferences.

Build your skills and experience the working world.

By learning more about your personality animal, you’ll get a better understanding of the many strengths and skills you have to offer. It’ll also help you find your best position within a team.

Once you have this information, you can use it to find the most worthwhile ways for you to work whilst taking part in The National Careers Challenge. Through working with others, you can learn new skills and make your existing ones even better.

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Find out what it takes to work in your area of interest including how much you can earn.

Take the Quiz

Our personality career quiz can really help you make a start, understand who you are and what makes you tick!

Get To The Heart Of Your Working Style

Your animal type can help you be more aware of your natural strengths in preparation for The National Careers Challenge, what kind of team player will you be?

Challenge yourself and your team

Use your creative, business and problem solving skills to work as a team to complete The National Careers Challenge.

Look to the future - get real results!

Has The National Careers Challenge got you thinking about work in the future? Based on your personality animal and research we can help you find a career that is right for YOU!

Plan your Pathway

Once you have your career, you can start to look into colleges, apprenticeships or employers that offer study options in your career.

Talk to people in the know

Explore our content to build on those necessary skills to support you in your challenge and future career goals.

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