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Students performing at the National Enterprise Challenge

We’ve got good news for schools, learners and employers. The Inspirational Learning Group (TILG) has joined Launch Your Career on a permanent basis. This comes with their flagship programme, The National Enterprise Challenge, which offers students a real-life business challenge with Britain’s leading brands.

With TILG now part of our platform, we can make use of our joint expertise to make career experiences better. In essence, this means more meaningful encounters with employers, real world skills development, and a chance for schools to meet their GATSBY benchmarks. It’s going to supercharge our current offering.


Who are The Inspirational Learning Group?

Founded in 2016, the Inspirational Learning Group have fast won the hearts of learners and employers alike. Their mission is to engage, inspire, and motivate young people to be the best they can be. To do this, they develop exciting enterprise challenges, involving major businesses, to give young people a chance to build valuable transferable skills they need to impress future employers and thrive in the workplace.

Putting young people at the centre, the challenges encourage children, as young as nine, to chase their dreams, strive to achieve more, and to stamp their mark on the world. All this is encapsulated in one powerful message: Anything is Possible. Challenges can be tailored to a school’s needs and will address inclusivity, social mobility, sector-specific skills and employment gaps to ensure learners are prepared.

The TILG is laser focused on today’s shifting careerscape. It knows too well the importance of having the right employability skills when entering the world of work. After all, reports show over two-thirds (69%) of employers have difficulty filling vacancies due to candidates lacking the relevant hard and soft skills. Moreover, it’s forecasted that the UK will see a shortfall of skilled workers by 2030 if we don’t fix it fast.

As part of Launch Your Career, TILG will focus on devising engaging challenges that teach young people key skills for the world of work, such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and creative thinking. Diving into these challenges while using our careers platform,, will give students a mix of real-life experiences, labour market insights, and encounters to inform their career decisions.

TILG’s prize programme, ‘The National Enterprise Challenge’ which has empowered 300,000 young people since 2012, will be instrumental in delivering meaningful work experience and encounters with employers.

What is The National Enterprise Challenge?

The National Enterprise Challenge (TNEC) is a fantastic initiative that equips young people with the skills to succeed in the workplace. Working with a breadth of well-known businesses in the UK, including NatWest, learners are set focused tasks to develop precise skillsets. e.g., skills in entrepreneurship. These challenges are built for select age groups, such as Key Stage 4 learners, and take place over the course of a full school day.

Every year, unique sponsors partake with a new batch of challenges for pupils in schools across the UK. These businesses are hyperaware of the climate and the abilities learners need in today’s marketplace. For example, in one challenge, learners can strengthen their business and creativity skills by creating a social enterprise to address an issue affecting their community, which they present to a judging panel.

The challenge encourages friendly competition between schools and culminates in a lavish, awards event to showcase the very best presentations as well as to celebrate all the hard work of partaking students. These opportunities are game changing for young people who may have missed out on the chance to take part in real world business activities, in the last 18 months, since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The whole experience is eye-opening and can be life-changing as it give learners a stage to share their voice, make an impact, and inspire them to work hard towards their future. If they do, they'll be rewarded. Just look at the excitement on these young people's faces. 

Now a core element of, TNEC will add a wealth of value for young people using our platform. The addition of real interactions with employers, experiences of actual workplaces, and encounters with further and higher education will be critical when choosing the right pathway to work. Along with our VR, personality testing, LMI database and STEM hub, the future in the palm of their hands.

However, we have big plans to mix the best of TILG, TNEC and to revolutionise how learners, schools. and employers engage, feed into one another, and succeed from one platform.

Launch Your Career’s National Careers Challenge

Building on the groundwork set by TNEC, we’ll be introducing our very own National Careers Challenge (NCC) to schools. The programme aims to make careers discovery more effective, fun, and rewarding for learners in Year 6-11. It’ll include virtual experience in work and assessments to bridge any skills gaps. Moreover, it’ll give learners critical exposure to life after school and inspire a new perspective of work.

The NCC will be a keystone in Launch Your Career’s careers ecosystem - one bringing education and industry together. Working as a team, learners will get a balance of career insights, skills building, and encounters to have conversations that matter. In addition, schools can amass data to bolster their guidance and meet key benchmarks. While employers can increase their marketing outreach through direct engagement.

In fact, a focus of the NCC will be on employer encounters. We’ll be launching our employers hub filled with 360 work tours, videos, employee info, and access to live events and webinars. As learners explore the hub, business can showcase their brand with age-relevant content, demystify their sector, advertise traineeships, and speak with learners from all regions. It’s a good chance to address the skills pipeline.

Learner experiences will be enhanced, too, using proven engagement methods, such as virtual reality, personality testing, and social peer support, to inspire progress and ignite their passion in relatable ways. When combining these methods together, it makes it easier to align learners with the right employers, skills challenges, apprenticeships, and their learning motivators - effectively broadening their horizons.

Furthermore, as learners partake in NCC, they can record their interactions, encounters, and skills they’ve acquired in an online passport. Envision it as their ticket to the future. It’ll be a chance to demonstrate to an employer what they’ve accomplished. In addition, they’ll be able to are feedback with businesses they have engaged with, set new goals or tasks, and share growth with teachers for extra personalised support.

Why is Launch Your Career Becoming Bigger and Better?

In our recent Careers After Covid report, we investigated the impact the pandemic was having on young people attending secondary school. The report revealed some startling truths about the lack of exposure to the world of work across all three lockdown periods and how it triggered a disconnect for learners. It also disclosed how teachers, parents, and career advisors were finding the whole ordeal a challenge.

Our report found that, due to the climate, almost half (48%) of educators say their schools capacity to deliver guidance got worse since the pandemic started. Reinforcing this, over a fifth (22%) of learners say they received no advice over lockdown. The limited capacity has sent ripples through schools across nationwide, hurting prospects, and leaving as many as 70% of young people with debilitating career fear.

The lack of exposure to the world of work has had a negative effect on how learners see their future. When asked about making the right career choices, a resounding 78% of learners were apprehensive. Over a quarter (28%) admitted that it was a constant worry. To add fuel to the fire, a recent Prospects survey exposed that just a fifth (17%) of students got involved in work experience in the last 12 months.

With limited access to guidance to make choices, students had to search elsewhere. Their next best option was their parents. Playing an advisory role, 92% of parents said they discussed career options with their child. Yet, a third (33%) agreed that they felt ill-equipped to offer the correct advice. In addition, there’s also no clear evidence to indicate that any guidance given by parents who do feel equipped is correct.

With so much uneasiness, misinformation, and a serious need to unite education and industry, Launch Your Career wants to make a real difference. With TILG now onboard, we can streamline the future of careers education. By helping schools, employers, advisors, and parents stay in control, we can provide learners with ideal work opportunities, skills training, and advice to activate their potential and future.

Schools Get Open Access to Launch Your Career

Having TILG onboard isn’t the only good news. In response to the pandemic, we’re current offering UK schools access to Launch Your Career, starting in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, to support their current Key Stage 3/4 students. In the last week, we’ve had over 50 schools sign up to what the platform has to offer, such as virtual reality engagement, an LMI library for 1,000+ careers, and data for schools to optimise their guidance.

Furthermore, it’s the perfect opportunity for schools to meet the needs of the updated Baker Clause, as well as their GATSBY benchmarks. Schools can sign up their school here: Activate my school.

For any other information, please contact one of our career-led learning experts: Ask us anything.

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