Career Launcher: Accelerating Careers for Learners During the Pandemic

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The current climate has been hard-hitting for young learners. Access to invaluable careers guidance hasn’t been easy. Right now, learners nationwide are probably unsure about a lot of things: the future, their next steps, who to talk to. As a result, there’s a good chance they’re growing tired and disconnected.

Over the past year, careers leaders have been relentlessly campaigning for more support. Searching for a means to make careers advice available to all while re-engaging their learners. As schools open after a third lockdown, their objective is to get learners on track with access to quality advice and guidance.

We listened! In response to the pandemic and growing need to support schools, learners and advisors, Launch Your Career has kickstarted Career Launcher - an accessible campaign to schools, LEPs, Career Hubs and Local Authorities to help accelerate careers for young learners through the power of virtual technology.

What is Career Launcher?

Career Launcher is a new campaign to get learners back on track by helping schools provide access to valuable careers search and discovery tool anytime, anywhere, in super engaging ways. The objective is to tackle the pandemic, the skills gap, and activate careers in communities across the UK in one swoop. We’ll do this by reaching out to key organisations, such as LEPs, Career Hubs, and Schools to make a difference in this new normal.

The campaign is about creating accessibility and putting careers in learners hands in ways they understand. From the use of contemporary virtual technologies that speak directly to Gen Z learners to flatpack, portable headsets, and a fleshed-out online career resource that’s FREE FOR LEARNERS on any device. The resource shares a database of careers, LMI, colleges, and a learning hub with fun STEM content.

Career Launcher is also about helping schools to keep their finger on the pulse to make career guidance easier for all involved: learners, parents, advisors. Especially learners. We believe it’s important to guide them onto a path that’s personal to them. Increasing engagement and making careers super relatable. With more support and mobility, advisors can help learners make better decisions about their future.

Making Careers Guidance More Accessible

In a bid to make careers guidance more accessible and wide-reaching, Career Launcher will introduce a new addition to the Launch Your Career range of virtual reality headsets: Cardboard. It’s portable, economical, easy to use and set up. Best of all, learners hit peak engagement levels when surfing for careers on our VR platform. A recent partner school attained a 147% rise in engagement in two weeks.

Cardboard makes it easier than ever for schools to connect and engage young learners with a unique careers experience. One that’s personal to them, gets to know who they are, and then offers them a multitude of advice and support that helps advisors get them back on track. When learners slip on the headset, the virtual world fills them with wonder and opens their eyes to all kinds of careers and LMI.

Meanwhile, career advisors can track and measure the entire journey in real-time. Moreover, they can shape student profiles, amass destination data, build detailed reports, evidence Gatsby, and prioritise support to make it easier to for young learners on their journey. Streamlining the experience from one dashboard, advisors can also extend advice or communicate with their learners as they use Cardboard.

Reaching Out to Local Authorities, LEPs, and Careers Hubs

A constant focus of Career Launcher is actively campaigning and starting careers conversations with local and combined authorities, LEPs and Career Hubs to offer our online platform,, and its resources totally FREE TO STUDENTS. Over the years, careers guidance has slowly fallen down the pecking order, and we want to help these organisations to get careers back to the top of the priority list.

If these leading groups can reach out and share our online platform with schools, learners can get instant access to a database of careers, advanced psychometry testing to fine tune their career search, and a rich learning hub to build their skills. Our team can also offer a no-obligation virtual demonstration of the platform in action for educators. Displaying the true power of virtual reality in careers engagement.

Working beside these groups, we can help make a difference in every community, bringing careers to the forefront and accessible to all. We can also show educators how Launch Your Career can facilitate in delivering a robust, measured, and engaging careers guidance programme for their schools. One that lets them profile learners, track their progress, and predict need for intervention to boost success.

A Surprise For Authorities, LEPs, and Hubs

To get local and combined authorities, LEPs and Hubs excited about the campaign and sharing our free platform, we’re excited to be mailing out a select number of special careers packages featuring our latest Cardboard offering. Each pack will be jampacked with careers goodness to showcase how virtual reality engages users in careers. It’ll bring our campaign to life and certainly fill yours with all kinds of wonder!

All we’ll say for now is that once you’ve experienced LaunchYourCareer VR, you’ll see careers guidance in a whole new dimension. Our special pack promises to take you on a journey of a lifetime. We’d love to hear what your power animal is once you’re done. Don’t know what that is? You will once it’s over!

If you’re a LEP, Career Hub, School, Combined or Local Authority and would you like to receive one of our packs or book a virtual demonstration of our platform, please click here: Career Launcher Campaign


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