Increasing career prospects after the pandemic - 4x radio interviews

Microphone with headset, Chris Jeffries and David Hodgson

The pandemic has been a serious nuisance for young students in the UK. One concern is that learners aren’t getting enough exposure to real workplaces. The lack of opportunity is affecting their prospects and causing a disconnect with their future.

So, in a series of radio interviews, Chris Jeffries of Launch Your Career, and David Hodgson, an expert in personality theory, addressed the post-pandemic climate and how to help young people. They travelled all over to get the message out there.

The duo shared insights with radio presenters at GT FM, Jazz FM, WCR FM, and Cambridge FM. As Chris delved into students' prospects and Careers After Covid-19, David explained the role personality testing plays in helping to find the perfect career. 

The interviews included topical areas, such as confidence in students, support for schools, finding real work experience, and the need for more personalised guidance. These are key concerns our platform,, can help to support.

Here are few snippets with from each interview. They're a minute or two long each. You can listen to the full versions of each interview below. Combined, they're an ideal length - less than 30 minutes - for a lunch break or relaxed night-time listening.

Chris Jeffries Interview with Jazz FM

David Hodgson's Interview with Cambridge FM

Chris Jeffries Interview with WCR FM

Chris Jeffries Interview with GTFM

Why Launch Your Career Went Live on National Radio

In the last 18 months, the chance for secondary school children to get exposure to the world of work has largely disappeared. No doubt, a side effect of the pandemic. During the lockdown, our studies revealed that one in five learners hadn't received any kind of career advice from their school.

The lack of guidance has led to insecurity for young learners. 70% admit to feeling stuck about what they want, and 78% are anxious about making decisions about their future. After all, they can’t be what they can’t see. While schools aren’t to blame for this, as they're fighting to support their learners, we do need to look at the career education infrastructure as a whole.

Today’s Gen Z are savvier than we give them credit for. Especially where tech is concerned. These youngsters are building vital skills and can use an array of platforms, at times better than the pros: TikTok, Photoshop, Melodyne. Yet, without good advice or work experience, these skills are going to waste. Ill-prepared, children of varying calibre may slip through the career cracks.

To make matters worse, there’s a career fear in the UK at present. Employers are hesitant about hiring, are cutting costs, lack capacity, or have picky criteria. With no way to reach and influence their future workforce, the talent and skills pipelines are in jeopardy. One solution is personalised guidance, which can be used to nurture and align Gen Z skills with an employer's needs.

Immersing Students in Personalised Career Discovery

Launch Your Career is actively tackling the concerns learners, schools, and employers face. While Chris and David are on the frontline raising awareness, their team of are working hard to build a careers network. One that brings education to industry together and enables young people to make better decisions. Decisions that are personal and aligned to careers they want.

With learners at the centre of our platform, their career discovery can be made relevant and fun. Whether they’re exploring their personality type or viewing career videos in our LMI hub, each step can be tailored to maximise their potential. Moreover, we use proven engagement methods, such as virtual reality, to keep their eyes on the prize and ready to achieve success.

To help learners to improve their prospects, we offer a range of exciting resources. For example, 360° tours, virtual open days, 80+ STEM modules for skills building, and an interactive library of 1,000+ careers. On their terms, learners can create their own path. As they do, colleges and employers will see a wave of focused and prepared talent knocking on their door.

With the careers landscape in rapid change, and with learners doing more distance learning than ever before, connecting them to three constants - access to advice, opportunities, and a positive career network - is absolutely vital.

Want to listen to each interview in full? Please click the relevant link below to open a wider screen.

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