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AET Trustee Greenwood Academy adapts to the harsh Covid-19 landscape with Launch Your Career and sees a 151% rise in student engagement in careers in just two weeks

In a recent report by the Gatsby Foundation, which surveyed 369 leaders in education, it was reassuring to find that 72% of schools and colleges believed that careers guidance was of the utmost importance.

In the wake of COVID-19, it seems educators are wising up to the waning standards of careers advice in the UK. However, despondent learners are feeling the brunt of the viral fallout, from botched exams to little prep for life after secondary education. Ofsted is asking what educators are doing to remedy the issue.

The solution is simple; provide learners with better guidance and opportunity. Launch Your Career is tackling this widespread concern by working with schools nationwide, using our immersive career-discovery experience to empower learners to support their self-discovery. Setting pathways. Providing valuable LMI data. And preparing them for the future.

We recently launched a live study with Greenwood Academy in Birmingham, part of the AET. What follows are the results of the first few weeks.

Live AET Study - Greenwood Academy: 104 Learners Onboarded (And Rising)

One trust that has been riding the digital wave is AET, whose mission is to enable pupils to lead remarkable lives. Devoted to that mission, Launch Your Career have been working with the AET’s Greenwood Academy. Setting up our pioneering experience in their school, we’ve been conducting a live study to assist learners to make better choices and discover their dream career, while also collecting vital profiling data on students using the platform. In two weeks since set up, the feedback from the learners was unanimously successful.

Currently, Greenwood Academy have onboarded 104 learners using LaunchYourCareer VR and our friendly Virtual Interactive Career Training and Apprenticeship Robot also known as VICTAR. Through a gamified experience, VICTAR guides learners through a career journey when they slip on the VR headset. Starting with a fun personality quiz, we use clever psychometric testing that’s been scientifically adapted to be relatable to young learners, to assist them to better understand their personality and make better choices for their future, such as choosing the right college or career. These tests been tailored and adapted by writer, speaker, careers advisor and Psychologist David Hodgson, our Launch Your Career expert in personalising career choices based on personality type.

Launch Your Career posed a range of insightful questions to learners before and after the VR experience to understand their position in relation to careers and the future. Once students completed their journey in VR, they gave valuable feedback and were able to register for a student profile which is FREE FOR LIFE. The school was also given access to an educator dashboard where all the students’ data is centralised.  

Before Learners Entered LaunchYourCareer VR Experience

Working with Greenwood Academy, a safe space has been created for learners. Before the experience, students are asked if they know what career they are interested in and how they feel about careers guidance. Surprisingly 65% of surveyed learners are either disengaged or unhappy with career guidance before they started. This broad uncertainty is a key concern to rectify and following months of students being out of school during the pandemic means there is a greater appetite to get them back on track.

Two major KPIs for schools are satisfaction and engagement rates, and Greenwood Academy want to see how Launch Your Career can provide a NEW way to reach students about careers and record quality and vital data. That’s where the extensive student profiling and flexible educator dashboards enter. When learners complete their profiles and interact with the Launch Your Career platform, data on each learner is segmented into one place for educators to gain insight into every learners’ journey.

Feedback shows before our experience that only 35% of students felt informed in careers guidance. After the experience, 88% of students felt better informed and engaged for having knowledge of their options. In two weeks, Greenwood Academy saw a 151% rise in learners more informed and engaged in careers.

After Learners Completed the LaunchYourCareer VR Experience

Launch Your Career is helping Greenwood Academy save time for educators offering prime careers guidance.

On average, when a careers adviser speaks to a learner, they don’t have a clear picture of who that student is and what they want. Therefore, time is spent learning about the student before guidance can be offered.

By that point, it is the next learner’s turn, and there’s only so many learners an adviser can speak to in a day.

Many schools ‘buy in’ their careers specialists to support their guidance programmes and Launch Your Career could be used to help those advisors ‘get to know’ learners before their sessions. Multiple headsets mean that more than one learner can go through the experience at a time, collating more data pathways for the school. We’ve found that when a school operates in this way, it can deliver more resilient guidance.

Greenwood Academy has so far during this study onboarded 104 learners onto LaunchYourCareer VR. That is 104 learners engaging in careers in a fun and memorable way. The students are presented with LMI Data, and career-related videos. The schools are offered an overview of key information such as the destination of each student and the functionality to record encounters and tasks to evidence against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The post-VR results were impressive, too. 94% of learners who finished the experience said they enjoyed the platform and found it useful to finding a career that was right for them. One student called it ‘Life-changing’. Likewise, when asked if they felt more focused about what the future could hold, 84% of learners said they felt more confident and at ease. However, the remaining 16% of learners who still felt unsure gave room for Greenwood Academy to spend more time to shape and support learners in this bracket by highlighting the need for intervention through the educator’s dashboard. Launch Your Career is a great way for schools to prioritise where they need to deploy further resource and time into students that need it most.

What Learners Thought of the Whole Experience

Overall, the learner journey with LaunchYourCareer VR guided by VICTAR was lauded. With 82% of students of all age categories feeling excited about the experience and happier about careers. 18% of learners needed additional guidance. As careers education starts around Year 9, some of the younger learners who aren’t thinking about careers would need some gentler class activities that slowly build up their understanding of what careers and their future means before they take the experience, this makes it more accessible and in context to younger year groups.

Launch Your Career are already implementing these, such as spirit animals and gamification methods, which have been proven to skyrocket learners’ engagement. In fact, according to, 70% of teachers saw a rise in engagement using educational content from a gamified angle. This puts learners in a safe place; they think they’re only playing a game, and this eases the worry of thinking about their future.

Additionally, 80% of onboarded students said the VR experience was incredibly easy to use. With 88% saying they were definitely more clued up and wiser about the roles available to them based on their personality. When asked if they’d liked to see Launch Your Career as a permanent platform in their school in the future, the feedback was a resounding yes. 95% of learners said that they’d love to use Launch Your Career again.

Rating the Whole Experience

The live study is still in its early stages. Despite this, Greenwood Academy are already witnessing movement towards touching key KPIs, such as student satisfaction, engagement, guidance standards, and with more planning and integration can save educators time when supporting learners. When asked to rate the entire experience, 77% of Greenwood’s participants rated LaunchYourCareer VR a seven or above. With many learners wanting to use the platform again to assist their learning and help them to fine-tune their future career goals, aspirations and readiness.




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