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Case Study: Swindon Academy, with the Careers Lady

As Swindon Academy prepares its Year 11 for further education, Launch Your Career helped The Careers Lady, Jessica Cook, deliver a special VR career workshop at the school. After a fun session, 46 pupils went home feeling assured and focused about the future.

Posted Jul 26, 2021

Boosting College Recruitment Using 360° Tours

For many secondary school students, exploring future options with their local college during the pandemic has been a mission. With restrictions in place and little access to advice for learners to make decisions, college recruitment teams have had a tough break attracting fresh talent.

Posted Jul 22, 2021

22 Inspiring Careers Quotes to Fall in Love With

Everyone loves a good quote. A snippet of wisdom offering insight into the experiences of others. Insight with power to teach something new, inspire you, or, in the very least, make you smile. A perceptive quote packs a real punch.

Posted Mar 3, 2021

How Educators Can Activate Student Careers in Lockdown

Launch Your Career can take your learners on a journey of self-discovery and exploration in virtual reality. It’s the platform that keeps on giving and is making a difference in lockdown. Lockdown… the thorn in everybody’s side. Covid-19 has made life feel like a mission for people nationwide.

Posted Jan 18, 2021

Launch Your Career - Live Case Study – AET - Greenwood Academy

AET Trustee Greenwood Academy adapts to the harsh Covid-19 landscape with Launch Your Career and sees a 151% rise in student engagement in careers in just two weeksIn a recent report by the Gatsby Foundation, which surveyed 369 leaders in education, it was reassuring to find that 72% of schools…

Posted Nov 26, 2020

Launch Your Career supports the 'New Normal' for schools with Lenovo

With a staggering  90% of the world’s learners being impacted by school closures and in response to disrupted school calendars, educators are implementing distance learning programs and hybrid learning scenarios – a combination of distance and in-classroom learning.

Posted Aug 4, 2020

New Pilot Announcement: Launch Your Career & VICTAR VR

Dev Clever, leading developer of mobile and immersive experiences, is pleased to announce that its virtual reality careers guidance experience platforms, “VICTAR VR” and Launchyourcareer. com, has been commissioned by Nottinghamshire Police for a pilot programme (the ‘Pilot’) to determine their impact on facilitating a reduction in re-offending youths.

Posted Mar 2, 2020

Launch Your Career with National Careers Week

This week is National Careers Week with a focus on ’empowering positive change through careers education’ and the celebration of Careers Guidance and FREE resources across the UK.

Posted Mar 2, 2020

'Career Disconnect' warning!

According to a report released today by Education & Employers there is a clear disconnect between young people’s career aspirations and jobs in the UK, whether current vacancies or projected demand. This report is based on an international survey of over 8,500 people aged 14-18.

Posted Jan 22, 2020

The skills crisis and careers advice in schools

Why we must transform careers advice to fit the future
Dev Clever CEO Chris Jeffries says if the younger generation is to prepare themselves for the jobs of tomorrow, we must give them the tools to reach their goals.

Posted Dec 5, 2019