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We have met lots of young people that do not really have a clue about their future career path. They do not have a clear hobby like ‘mechanics’ or ‘dancing’ and they do not know what subjects they love which can leave them feeling stuck, with nowhere to go.

Launch Your Career can help you find your way by understanding your personality type and matching you to a career while connecting you with colleges, courses or apprenticeships relevant and available to you.


Just as we use a specific hand to write with, we also have preferred ways of behaving using our personality. Some people prefer to be quiet and others chatty, both are equally good but different. Knowing our own style of behaving helps us make better decisions in life.

Our personality quiz will link your characteristics to one of 16 animals – your personality animal. You can also view celebrities with the same animal types and characteristics as you. Your personality animal will be present in all the careers that would be best suited to you!

What's my personality animal?
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A world of information and advice at your fingertips

Once you have taken our personality quiz and you understand more about who you are and why you think and feel the way you do, you are ready to start discovering what career suits your personality, and can start to build a career profile.

Once registered, your student dashboard allows you to re-visit chosen careers, take the quiz again, record employee and college encounters, connects you to pathways of study, and you can share all this with your School.

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Real people, real life, real careers!

Launch Your Career is packed with exciting information to help your decision making process a little easier. You can view really insightful career interviews with real people that have studied or are studying in the careers or sectors that you are interested in.

You can also access LMI data which highlights the amount you could earn, and where you would need to travel to work in that career – making sure you have all the information you need, all in one place!

Career Discovery in VIRTUAL REALITY

LaunchYourCareer VR is available for your school and will give you the opportunity to meet our Virtual Interactive Careers Training and Apprenticeship Robot – VICTAR! VICTAR’s job is to show you around our 360° virtual career discovery world, and take you through the process of understanding your personality, and exploring the opportunities for you, and your animal type in the world of work!

Your Career Profile

Do not forget to create a profile once you have taken the Quiz. Your student dashboard is accessible again and again and records all your decisions and research. You can add things, start again, record encounters and save all your viewed pathways and options PLUS you can share your profile with your school.

Get on track

Take the Quiz

Our personality career quiz can really help you make a start, understand who you are and what makes you tick!

Find your personality animal

Your animal type can help you be more aware of your natural strengths and offers a starting point for thinking about careers.

Explore LMI data and Video Content

Find out what it takes to work in you area of interest including how much you can earn.

Career Profile

Based on your personality, spirit animal and research we will profile your attributes and strengths to a career that is right for YOU!

Plan your Pathway

Once you have your career, you can start to look into colleges, apprenticeships or employers that offer study options in your career.

Share with your Careers Leads

Talk to your careers adviser about your findings and record encounters and tasks to enhance your profile!