Launch Your Career supports the 'New Normal' for schools with Lenovo

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With a staggering  90% of the world’s learners being impacted by school closures and in response to disrupted school calendars, educators are implementing distance learning programs and hybrid learning scenarios – a combination of distance and in-classroom learning.

Schools and districts require education-ready devices, more secure platforms, as well as compelling and effective digital content to engage students under changing learning conditions. are proud to feature content to support immersive learning, and the focus on career development and discovery, with virtual reality (VR) solutions.

NEVER has there been a time whereby career guidance and empowerment for the future has been more relevant with over 1 billion learners losing out over the pandemic. is passionate about reaching those confused, neglected and disengaged young people to support their journey back to curriculum learning and offer them a clear focus and path in which to do so.

We are beyond pleased for our experience to feature on the VR Classroom 2 with Lenovo, and feel that paired with the content from Veative Labs we can really make a difference to our young learners. Firstly, setting the stage for their future, immersing them in self-discovery and aligning their personality with a career. Once established a clear route to their world of work, educators can match the career to content aligned to curriculum from Veative, extending the focus on career guidance INTO the classroom. 

Career guidance could be revolutionised with the VR offering, targeting disengaged students and providing a meaningful and personalised connection to their future despite it seeming so far in the distance. 

Read the press release from Lenovo here

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