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LaunchYourCareer.com is our innovative online version of the careers search and guidance experience. It is designed to give educators access to students' career profiles to extend and enhance the delivery of career guidance. Supporting home and remote learning the online version is available across multiple devices to ensure that careers guidance is always at the forefront for our students and their development. LaunchYourCareer.com is always more effective when combined with the VR experience.


LaunchYourCareer.com can be used with the VR experience to collect the valuable student data and career profiles and centralize the information for educators to access, in the form of a secure dashboard. While the VR experience is designed to engage and immerse the student on the Career journey, the online element pulls together the results of the journey. Following the initial career match, LaunchYourCareer.com allows students to explore live LMI Data, career focused video content, as well as a pathway search to discover courses and apprenticeships that match their chosen career, connecting the student with providers in their area.

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There are a number of global government initiatives and mandates that support the delivery of quality careers guidance from the the Perkins Act in the US to the Gatsby Benchmarks in the UK. Alongside the expertise of Careers Advisors across the globe, LaunchYourCareer.com can support the delivery of personalized career guidance, ensuring that all students are supported on their journey to career readiness.

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The LaunchYourCareer.com online career discovery experience is also available in another dimension. Have you ever seen career discovery in VIRTUAL REALITY?

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David Chapman

David Chapman,


"‘The Opportunity for students to use the platform to explore different pathways to their potential career is absolutely important. Not everybody is academic, not everybody will want to go down a degree route. “the ability to find that a college or university or apprenticeship exists that allow them to go on that pathway… just opens up their eyes ” "

Emma Evans

Emma Evans,

Wolverhampton College

"‘this is your personality type, these are the types of careers that are available to you and actually these courses match those careers. It not only gives the information about standard courses, A-levels, B-tecs, or vocational courses, it also pulls in apprenticeship opportunities as well!’ "



Year 7

"it showed me different ways of how to be a video games tester such as apprenticeships, employers and further education. "