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Careers can appear so far away to students of today. Their social media channels, YouTube influencers, peer groups and parent intervention can dilute their focus or appetite to uncover opportunities. How do you reach disengaged, tech savvy students and discover our future innovators, engineers, researchers and leaders?

Career Discovery in VR?

Reaching students and the tech savvy Gen Z cohort is difficult, especially when they have been born into a digital world and they have seen it all. Imagine providing the tools for them to take control of their future? Give them the opportunities to empower their choices and motivate their classroom learning. Understanding what they could be in the future, could really support the development of a student through their curriculum learning. Sometimes the realization that certain subjects would be the difference between achieving their goals in life is just too far away to comprehend. Letting them visualize this pathway at a younger age, could really enhance the students outlook on learning.

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LaunchYourCareer VR

Meet our Virtual Interactive Careers Training and Apprenticeship Robot (VICTAR), designed to engage students and support careers leads and advisors deliver inspiring careers education. VICTAR is our guide through the VR experience propelling students into 360° gamified environment, and channeling them through a process of discovery, resulting in a career match and a personalized profile of that student for an educator to pick up and extend the career education. We believe the VR technology and career discovery creates pedagogical opportunities and bridges a gap between the theoretical and the actual of career discovery.

Unlock Valuable Data

Our VR journey collects and builds a student profile for all students that complete the journey and get their career match. This valuable data is accessible to educators when the Educator Dashboard is unlocked.

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Don't just take our word for it...

David Chapman

David Chapman,


"It opens up their eyes, it lets them see why they come to school and gives them that context of the school curriculum that they’re studying. The Virtual Reality platform that links in with LaunchYourCareer.com is excellent, it’s the means of a hook, the means of engaging the students"

Emma Evans

Emma Evans,

Wolverhampton College

"The beauty of this platform is that it engages young people by using their personality type, it then gleans what type of careers and what type of person they are"



Year 8

"It was a really good experience, it got me really engaged and interested in careers. My favorite part was when it chose my spirit animal based on how I answered my personality questions, then how it showed me what career my spirit animal would be good at."