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About is a pioneering online platform bringing refreshing and unprecedented innovation to education.

It is the gateway to a revolutionary new digital experience for young people, parents and careers' advisors offering a direct yet personalised means of exploring future job options.

In order to help schools deliver a more engaging and stable careers program we've enlisted the help of a Virtual Reality careers guide otherwise known as VICTAR - a "Virtual, Interactive, Careers, Training and Apprenticeship Robot!”, VICTAR uses as the base for all his journeys into the world of careers - imagine NASA controlling all its programmes and forays into space!

VICTAR is supported by key partnerships and credible resources and will be rolling out to schools across the UK starting in the next few weeks and offered as part of an alternative careers guidance program designed specifically to support the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and deliver careers information in a way that really engages youngsters. You can find out a little more about VICTAR by visiting

So if you're ready for a careers experience which is out of this world and want to shoot beyond the stars in search of your dream job strap yourselves in and join us for take off......

Why is different?

The platform intelligently centralises careers content, LMI data, colleges, universities, training providers and employers all in the same place, allowing the user to navigate directly to the career they’re interested in and how to start their career journey.

Companies, institutions and organisations can list their courses, apprenticeships, or vacancies on on a self-service subscription. Fees apply.
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