VICTAR is the world’s first Virtual Reality Careers Training and Apprenticeship Robot

Immerse students into a virtual world, created and designed to help them find out about themselves, reveal their personality, spirit animal, explore careers, LMI data and sectors that will ultimately present them with a future career.

VICTAR VR is used to enhance careers guidance programmes already embedded in schools, giving careers advisors a tool to engage students, and sync data to, an analytics engine to support teachers report and track student’s progress efficiently.

When you believe you’ve ‘seen it all’, you haven’t yet experienced VICTAR VR.

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Launchyourcareer Website is the intuitive online platform designed to work together with VICTAR VR to revolutionise the current careers advisory programme in the education sector.

Once a student has completed their Virtual career discovery journey with VICTAR, their results, data and pathway are synced to a dashboard at

Students and teachers can log in to review their dashboard. Students have their own personal dashboard, and careers advisors have visibility over all of their student profiles and allows the school to keep a record of each individual and their future plans. and the analytics engine is available to purchase as an upgrade alongside your VICTAR annual subscription.

What our Schools think across the pond...

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VICTAR VR and the career guidance exploration experience is available now with the Lenovo VR Classroom 2.

The careers experience is pre-installed and includes an annual subscription to the VICTAR VR experience. An upgrade is available to unlock the analytics engine and gain access to the career advisor dashboard and all your student data.

  • Engage your students on a personalised careers exploration journey

  • Enhance your existing careers guidance programme

  • Explore your student pathways and career aspirations

  • Examine analytics and data in your career advisor dashboard

  • Evidence the delivery of quality career guidance to all students

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What our Students in the UK think...

Quotes Start Victar was a really good experience, it got me really engaged and interested in careers. My favourite part was when it chose my spirit animal based on how I answered my personality questions, then how it showed me what career my spirit animal would be good at. Quotes End

- Molly, 13. Friary School Lichfield.

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